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WallFlowers, Square

WallFlowers, Square
By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 4625 Views No comments

This design is very tight and the medallions are rigid enough to stand on edge. The flowers are so stiff they feel like coins in your hand. These elements can be used as pendants, earrings, or joined together in a chain. We recommend 2 pair of flat nose pliers for closing the square rings and 2 pair of chain nose pliers for the tight spaces and especially for connecting to the center ring. if you haven't made Wallflowers before, we recommend you start with the round ring version before tackling the squares.

Each 20g Square WallFlower is made with:

1 - 18g/4.25mm Square
18 - 20g/5.0mm Square
18 - 22g/2.625mm Square

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