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Tronex FAQ

Tronex FAQ
By Gary Bryan October 8, 2012 4481 Views No comments

Long Handles vs Short Handles -- The short handles are about 1" shorter than the long handled models. The measurements for the handles from the joint are:

Long Handles: 4.8 inches

Short Handles: 3.8 inches

Longer handles spread the force over more fingers and give you more options for the way you grip the pliers. The shorter handles tend to allow fewer grip positions but narrow the force - unless you have really small hands in which case both pairs will work about the same.

According to Tronex -- The average American worker's hand or palm is approximately four inches wide. Therefore tool handles should be four inches long at least. To allow freedom of hand placement, 4 to 5 inches would be even more desirable.

Just FYI -- We sell very few of the short handled models and are actually going to stop stocking them. We'll still order them on a custom basis, but we don't move enough of them to keep them on the shelf.

Sometimes new pliers don't open smoothly at first and there's a sticky feeling because the oil isn't completely worked into the joint. Work the handles open and closed for a minute or so and the oil will distribute throughout and the action will loosen up. If you do this for 2 minutes and you still don't notice a change, you may need to adjust the joint fastener.

The joint fastener on the Tronex can be tightened or loosened using a 3/32" allen wrench (hex wrench). - lefty loosey, righty tighty :) It's good to know how to do this as the tension on your pliers will most likely need minor adjustments over time. But if you don't want to mess with it, we're happy to adjust the tension for you or exchange them within 30 days of the initial purchase. Just send us an email and we'll send you all of the information you need to return your pliers for a tune-up.

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