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By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 6602 Views No comments

In response to several requests, I made a real life version of my wallpaper flower so I could share the specs with you. I hope you like the name. Getting the right size balance between the center ring and its spokes turned out to be surprisingly fiddly; too loose and it was floppy and didn't hold its shape, too tight and the whole flower would torque in peculiar ways. This version, though, is just right. It's tight enough to maintain its shape perfectly even when suspended but not so tight that it torques under its own tension.

As mentioned in the comments on the wallpaper post, it's based on the Parallel Flowers design but with more petals and the addition of a center ring and spokes. I made one change between the virtual design and the real one. In the real design, the spokes are connected to the pairs of sandwich rings rather than to the captive rings, as they are in the virtual flowers. That change makes the design more stable and prevents floppiness in the spokes.

    Each flower is 1 inch in diameter and requires:
  • 18 rings, 18g/6.0mm
  • 12 rings, 18g/3.25mm
  • 6 rings, 20g/3.25mm
  • 1 ring, 16g/4.75mm

To connect them together, you'll need 2 more 18g/3.25mm rings between each pair of flowers. (For greater flexibility, as might be needed for a small bracelet, use 18g/3.5mm rings to connect the flowers to each other.) Connect the sandwich rings to each other, rather than the captive rings, for greater stability and balance in the design.

P.S. This post describes our first WallFlower, the 18g round. We now offer ringsets for both round and square WallFlowers in multiple gauges.

Wallflowers Round Wallflowers Square
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