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Jens Pind's Linkage

Jens Pind's Linkage
By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 7964 Views No comments

Jens Pind's Linkage is not at all difficult to weave once you understand it, but the ring size is very important and the rings must be placed precisely because the fit is so snug. The precision required makes it a bit harder to explain than many weaves, mistakes are easy to make and hard to correct and it's easy to lose your place if you don't know just what to look for to regain it, so really good directions are a must. If you don't know the weave, you might want to consider our Jens Pind's Linkage instructional booklet.

Jens Pind's Linkage is commonly called JPL or JPL3.

Specifics Regarding Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is absolutely critical with Jens Pind's. If it's even slightly too small, the chain will be rigid. Smaller than that and it can't be woven at all. (The pictures below illustrate the flexibility of each recommended ring size.)

If it's even slightly too loose, the rings will shift out of place with wear. This photo shows Jens Pind's woven from 22g/2.0mm rings. Notice the rings out of place? There were no mistakes in the chain when it went into the tumbler, but because the aspect ratio was slightly loose, tumbling pushed some rings out of place. Wear will do the same thing.

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