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Flower Chain, Tutorial

Flower Chain, Tutorial
By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 8729 Views No comments

The flower is a three ring segment of single spiral (aka a three ring mobius unit), which is the most basic unit of spiral chain. When the flowers are joined together by connecting pairs, the result is Flower Chain. When the flowers are joined together by byzantine segments, the result is Byzantine Rose.

Flower Chain spirals gently over the length of the chain so when used for earrings, it's nice to spiral the flowers one way for one earring and the other way for the other earring, so that the earrings frame the face symmetrically.

Flower Chain
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Flower Chain
Rings by the Inch
1. Want to learn to weave Flower Chain? Use the numbers below to navigate this step by step tutorial.
2. Pick up an open ring with your pliers and slip a closed ring onto it, then close the open ring.
3. Focus on closing the open ring as perfectly as possible.
4. Hold the two rings in your fingertips and/or pliers tips and rotate the ring on the right clockwise (turning the top of the ring up and away from you) as far as it will go.
5. Slip an open ring through both of these rings and close it.
6. Again, focus on closing the ring as perfectly as possible.
7. While holding the first ring, turn the one you just closed clockwise as far as it will go, so that the rings are arranged like overlapping fish scales.
8. Push the rings together and take the flower between the tips of your pliers without disturbing the arrangement. Set it to the side of your work surface.
9. Repeat the previous steps until your first dozen (or so) flowers are made and set aside.
10. Set aside the larger rings now and open (nice and wide) a bunch of the smaller rings. Pick up an open ring with your pliers and slip it through the center of a flower, making sure it goes through all three rings that make up the flower.
11. Pick up a second flower and put it on the same open ring.
12. Carefully position the tips of your pliers for a firm but gentle grip and close the ring. If you have any trouble finding a grip because the ring is so full, just be patient and jiggle the rings to settle and reposition them.
13, Once you have the ring closed smoothly, select another open ring with your pliers and put it through the same two flowers so it will lie alongside the ring you just added, and close it precisely.
14, You now have two flowers linked together by two rings and the wee beginning of a chain.Put a twisty tie through one of the flowers so you have something to hold onto as you begin adding to the chain.
15, Pick up another open ring with your pliers, put a flower on it, then run it through the last flower on your chain and close it.
16. Add a second ring alongside the one you just closed.
17. Repeat the last two steps until the chain reaches the length you'd like, making more flowers as necessary.
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