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3-in-3 Chain, Tutorial

3-in-3 Chain, Tutorial
By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 7071 Views No comments

The 3-in-3 has a masculine, motorcycle chain feel that makes it a favorite with men. Like all masculine chains, it makes a woman's wrist look delicate by contrast.

3-in-3 is a simple pattern but it looks good only with perfect closures and no pringling at all. Hence, weaving 3-in-3 adds significantly and rapidly to a mailler's vital skill set.

When you hear 3-in-3, this is the chain that comes to mind so that's the best name for it but technically, this is a 6-in-3 chain because 6 rings pass through each set of 3.

3-in-3 Chain
Notebook Pages

3-in-3 Chain
Rings by the Inch
1. Want to learn to weave 3-in-3? Use the numbers below to navigate this step by step tutorial.
2. Close three rings as smoothly and perfectly as you can.

Put an open ring through the three you closed.
3. Close the open ring, again focusing on making pristine closures and keeping your rings nice and flat.
4. Pick up another open ring, put it through all three of the rings on the twisty and close it so it lies neatly alongside the last ring you added.
5. Pick up a third open ring with your pliers and, again, put it through all three of the rings attached to your twisty and close it, so it lies alongside the last two rings you added.
6. Continue adding three open rings to the previous row of three closed rings until your chain is the desired length or until you want to switch to speedweaving.
7. Speedweaving 3-in-3 -- Pick up an open ring, scoop three closed rings onto it, thread it through the last three rings in your chain and close it.
8. Pick up another open ring, thread it through the same six rings the last ring went through, and close it.
9. Pick up a third open ring, thread it through those same six rings and close it. This ring will be the most challenging to close. If you aren't able to close this last ring nicely, you'll need to return to weaving one ring at a time.
10. 3-in-3 Chain, with its perfect rows of straight lines and evenly spaced reflections, makes imperfect closures and pringled rings glaringly obvious so that a lack of skill in those areas cannot be overlooked. While this chain appears to be the easiest of our Beginning Weaves, achieving a beautiful result actually requires more skill than most of the others.
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