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Preparing New Pliers & Cutters for Use

Preparing New Pliers & Cutters for Use
By FAQs March 23, 2003 5907 Views No comments

No matter what sort of pliers you purchase, they're likely to need a little smoothing before you use them so they don't scratch your shiny rings. Run a fingertip over the inside jaws and if you feel anything scratchy, even a little bit, use a file to smooth it out. If you don't have fine files meant for steel, an old nail file will do the job. Don't get so enthusiastic when filing that you round off your corners or make the tool faces uneven, but don't be afraid to smooth the entire surface and gently round the edges.

New pliers will seep oil from the joint for a time, so be careful of your clothes at first. Just wipe off the oil when you notice it. If your new pliers are stiff, work the handles to distribute the oil throughout the joint. Tension is provided by leaf springs between the handles and it can be adjusted by gently bending them. Bend them toward the middle for more springiness; press them more closely to the handles for less springiness.

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