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The Notebook Project

By Aislyn Bryan December 6, 2011 7407 Views No comments

We've become well known for the quality of our instructional materials (and we love that!) and we've always adored our little spiral instruction books but we've never been happy with the fact that the instructions for different kits require different formatting and that difference makes them awkward to store and reference.

We've always dreamed of a way to keep our instructions all together, something efficient to store and use, something strong and virtually impervious to damage but without sacrificing beauty or making them costly. It's taken this long but we've finally found a way to do all of that at once. It's so simple I can't believe we never thought of it before but we're thrilled to have it now. We call it....

The Notebook Project

We're now producing new instructions (and converting our existing ones) in a brand new format: the page is 8.5"x11", sealed in a heavy plastic coating and triple drilled. All you need provide is a standard 3 ring binder. Snap our instructional pages inside and you're ready to go. The notebook will lie flat, stay open while you use it and with all your instructional materials together in one, easy to use notebook, it's effortless to flip back and refresh yourself on one set of instructions before building on them with another. In case you aren't already falling in love with the idea, the pages will wipe clean if there's a spill, survive a full water landing, and are certified dog resistant. (We have a pack of Malamutes and know very well that there's no such thing as dog proof, but these pages don't just roll over, they put up a respectable fight and a fine showing. They'll make you proud.)

In addition to weave instructions, we'll be making other types of notebook pages available, as well. Reference material, charts, an expanded form of our ring card that includes different shapes, as well as any number of things we haven't even thought of yet. We intend to keep costs as low as possible and offer newly introduced pages at a reduced rate whenever possible.

We love this idea so much we've even decided to produce my Embellishment Book this way, one chapter at a time. If you love the topic of one chapter but aren't interested in another, just buy the chapter you want. Give embellishment its own notebook or add it to your weaves notebook. The best part of this whole concept is that your notebook is truly your own. You put in what you want and leave out what you don't, arrange and rearrange it any way you like, move everything to a new notebook when the old one gets too small or just because you want a change. Write your own notes on our plastic pages with a Sharpie, if you like. Make it what you want it to be and remake it whenever you like.

I'll add an entry here each time a new page or set of pages becomes available. If you've previously purchased a particular kit, we'll make the notebook version of those instructions available to you at our cost. Are you lovin' this idea yet? Scroll down to see what we have available so far. While you're waiting for your order to arrive, you can pick out a snazzy notebook for yourself.

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