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Discere, Creare, Florere

By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 3610 Views No comments

Our beginning kits are designed to teach not only chain weaves but the technical skills required to execute those weaves at the highest level of quality. The finished products are intended to serve as examples of those chains at their very best so great care and attention to detail goes into the ring choices for each kit. The projects used to teach these skills are quite intentionally unadorned in order to keep the focus purely on the experience of learning the weave and to avoid cluttering the mind with stylistic elements that have nothing to do with the weave.

Once the weave is mastered and practice has honed the technical skills required for flawless execution, most people want to begin making projects of their own design. Design skills are not issued automatically with chainweaving skills; they're a different thing altogether and require development and honing all their own. It's quite common to see chains in which the rings are in perfect order and every one is perfectly closed... but the chain just doesn't look good. Or it might look fine, but it's weak and doesn't hold up to normal wear. These are design flaws. It has nothing to do with how well a person knows the weave or how skilled a chainweaver that person might be. It's possible to be have impeccable technical skills and no design skills at all.

There are people who claim design skills, who call themselves designers, yet lack the technical skills to make what they're designing. It's impossible to design something with no feel for what your medium or materials of choice can do. You must have well developed technical skills first in order to become a competent designer. If you develop your design skills to that same high level, you could well become a really good designer.

The following links are intended for people who are developing their technical skills, people who are ready to begin designing their own projects, people who are already doing so and want to further develop their design skills, and for people who are doing all that professionally.

Discere, Creare, Florere
Learn, Create, Prosper

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