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Tronex FAQ

By Gary Bryan October 8, 2012 4488 Views No comments

According to Tronex -- The average American worker's hand or palm is approximately four inches wide. Therefore tool handles should be four inches long at least. To allow freedom of hand placement, 4 to 5 inches would be even more desirable.

Where are the Lindstroms?

By Aislyn Bryan December 6, 2011 9296 Views No comments

We began seeing certain quality control issues with certain models of the Lindstroms we carried after Lindstrom moved manufacturing to another facility in another country. I'm sure they'll work out their problems and be fabulous again but since we can't just do without pliers in the meantime, I decided to look around and see what had come along since the last time I did any serious tool shopping... and that's when I fell in love with Tronex.

Using the Ring Tool

By FAQs March 23, 2003 5671 Views No comments

You've seen rings opened and closed using two pairs of pliers. Some people prefer to use one pair of pliers and a ring opener or jumpring tool, especially for opening a number of rings at once. The ring opener fits over the forefinger of your non-dominant hand and one side of the ring is fitted into the appropriate sized slot. While braced in this position, the....

Preparing New Pliers & Cutters for Use

By FAQs March 23, 2003 5907 Views No comments

No matter what sort of pliers you purchase, they're likely to need a little smoothing before you use them so they don't scratch your shiny rings. Run a fingertip over the inside jaws and if you feel anything scratchy, even a little bit, use a file to smooth it out. If you don't have fine files meant for steel, an old nail file will do the job. Don't get so enthusiastic when filing....

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