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Private Label

Private Label
By Aislyn Bryan May 21, 2011 6752 Views No comments

Do you have a design of your own that would make a wonderful kit? Would you love to be able to sell kits for your own designs on your website, at shows or classes... but rather not have to become a manufacturer to do it?

We can partner with you to make it happen. We'll make up custom ring packs to your specifications, package them beautifully, labeled with your own logo, and ship them straight to you. You add your own instructions and anything else you want to include, price them as you see fit and sell them on your website, at your shows, classes or anywhere else you like. You keep all your rights, we keep all your secrets and you are the sole source of your own kits.

Have you had a design published in a magazine or considered submitting one for publication? Instead of listing sources for everything used in the design, why not put together a kit and list your own website as the source? With kit sales to cover your design time, magazine publication is a great deal more lucrative, which means you can afford to do more of it. And the market potential for beautiful new designs is endless.

We can manufacture one kit for you, for a special design you're ready to share, or we can manufacture your entire inventory if you want to make a business of selling your designs as kits. We're well established, well equipped, well staffed, well trained and no one does what we do near so well as we do it. You can count on us to maintain the same impeccable quality standards you know us for if you're already our customer, and to seriously exceed your expectations if you aren't. And you can count on us to be here. That's something you need to be sure of when choosing a manufacturer for any product. Urban Maille was established and has always operated on the most scrupulously fair and sound business practices, so we'll be here for you, year in and year out.

You can get a rough idea of the prices we'll quote simply by knowing that it works out to the price of the rings (with the quantity discount) plus the price of the packaging. (We get a shockingly good price on our tins, about 8 cents each for the 1 ozt size, because of the quantities we order and we pass that through to you, adding nothing.) We can't offer any additional discount on the rings for the very reason that we don't have deeper level quantity discounts to offer: there's nothing more to trim. (See About Our Pricing for more information.) What we can and will give you, though, is a potential stampede of sales by putting your kit in front of our customers. That has the potential to make your kit profitable overnight. I don't know how to put a dollar value on that kind of exposure but you don't have to, it's a gift. What you make of that opportunity is up to you, but the opportunity is part of your package as one of our private labels.

Why This is a Win/Win/Win Situation

Our customers always want to buy more kits. We always want to manufacture more kits. Add someone who wants to design kits and you have a mutually beneficial circle of happy people.

Good for Us We're happy to get one order from you but we'd rather have lots and lots of orders from you. If your ringpacks are sitting around unsold, you have no reason to place another order. The more kits you sell, the more ringpacks we sell to you, so we are motivated to get your kits in front of people who want to buy them.

Good for Our Customers Our customers are smart people with high standards who really, really love new kits. Designing a new kit is the most time consuming aspect of what we do so we'll never be able to produce kits as quickly as our customers would like us to. But if we manufacture your kits, our customers get new kits to choose from without having to wait for me to design them... and they have the comfort of knowing the rings in your kits will be what they're used to, which makes it easier to buy from someone new.

Good for You No matter how fabulous your designs and how steller your materials, you still have to sell your kits... and most people will agree that's the hardest part. We've been doing what we do for 7 years and we have a large, well established customer base of people who are the ideal target market for your kits. We don't sell, rent or lease our mailing list -- we are very protective of our customers' privacy -- but we do keep our customers informed of all our new products via our News page and our infrequent newsletters. If we're manufacturing your new kit, it will get the same mentions in those areas that we give our own new kits. I don't want to scare you... but when we release a new kit, we get hammered with orders. Obviously, we can't guarantee you the exact same response because marketing isn't everything, but if you design a nice kit and make it easy to purchase, we'll send you a good many people who are likely to want it.

Why Would You Want to Make Kits of Your Designs?

If you're making and selling jewelry of your own design on a website or at shows, you probably get a fair number of impertinent questions from people who aren't interested in purchasing your finished pieces but really want to know how to make it themselves. It can be an uncomfortable situation... or it can be your opportunity to sell a kit. There are people who buy jewelry and there are people who make jewelry and there's not much overlap between those two groups. So when you sell a kit, you aren't selling it to someone who'd have purchased a piece of finished jewelry otherwise, you're selling it to someone who'd otherwise have made no purchase at all. Teaching with kits gives you access to a completely separate second market and provides you a second income stream. The two markets compliment each other nicely, though, because your teaching role adds to your credibility as a designer and your success as a designer adds to your credibility as a teacher, increasing your impact on both markets.

Teaching isn't for everyone... but if you have one or more original designs and you can produce your own instructions, we can help you launch a whole new business. Let us know if you're interested.

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