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Half Persian 4-in-1
The Half Persian 4-in-1 Kit's instructions teach the weave but also include advanced instructions for joining the ends together into a continuous chain. The project for the advanced section is the Serpentine Necklace, so add that kitpack to your kit order if you want to learn the advanced techniques, as well as the basics.

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If we have a kit for this, you'll find it above. If there isn't a kit, we'll recommend the best free online resource we know for learning.

If there's no learning resource listed, it's because we're still working on this section of the site. Let us know if you need something and we'll bump it to the top of our schedule. :)

Half Persian 4-in-1 is often considered to be the most difficult of all chain weaves, though it's actually quite pleasant to weave, just really awkward to get started. (It was before our kit, I mean. :)

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