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Maille Making Supplies by Weave/Project

There are two ways to shop on our site. We recommend using Shop by Type if you know exactly what you're here to order and want to get right to it. Shop by Weave or Project is better for browsing your way to inspiration.

1-in-1 Chain

2-in-2 Chain

3-in-3 Chain

Barrel Weave

Bastardized Byzantine

Box Chain


Byzantine Rose

Byzantine Watch


Corners, Caps and Cages

Double Spiral 4-in-1


Dragonscale Collar

European 4-in-1

Florentine Ornament

Flower Chain

Graduated Byzantine

Graduated Double Spiral

Graduated Euro 4-in-1

Half Knot Chain

Half Persian 4-in-1

Half Persian Diamond

Half Persian Multi/Round

Half Persian Square

Inverted Roundmaille

Jens Pind's Linkage

Jens Pind's Square

Jewel Chain

Parallel Chain

Parallel Flowers

Perfect Ring

Persian (Full)

Ring Knots



Roundmaille Diamond

Seahorse Chain

Serpentine Necklace

Spiral 6-in-1

Spontaneous Design

Summer at Aphrodite's

Turkish Roundmaille

Venus Rising

Vertebrae (Kingscale)

Vertebrae SQ/DI


18K Yellow Gold

Choose a project idea to see supplies for it. If you'd prefer to browse product categories, click the picture above to Shop by Type.

My order arrived yesterday - everything perfect.

Your customer service - unbeatable.

Your packaging and presentation - beautiful.

Your Product - superb.

Now wearing the bracelet and I have to say the finished article is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold.

Thank you