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Vipera Berus

By Gary Bryan June 22, 2015 20217 Views No comments

When I set out to figure out the sizes for Vipera Berus, I had no idea how easy and satisfying this weave is to learn. Of course, I've seen the weave several times, but had never tried to make it before.

The weave starts out as a simple 1-in-1 chain; 2-in-2 for the kinged version....

Vortex Medallion, Tutorial

By Gary Bryan February 27, 2015 108668 Views 8 comments

Vortex Medallion is the name of our version of this beautiful and much loved design by Norwegian mailler, Kenth Kutschera.

Use the arrows to navigate the step-by-step tutorial, then watch the video to see how the tricky part is done. Click the link to see the kits. Happy weaving. :)

Elfweave Round

By Gary Bryan January 27, 2015 12480 Views No comments

I've been wanting to learn Elfweave for awhile now and I had some time over the holidays to sit down and get to know the weave. All the directions I found recommend sizes for making the sheet version of the weave, but I wanted to tighten that up a bit to make the single row, rope version.

The Perfect Ring

By Aislyn Bryan September 9, 2014 256944 Views No comments
What Makes This Ring So Perfect?

First, it's a ring. Years ago, a well known wire work author asked me to recommend weaves and ring sizes for her to make a series of finger rings to embellish with wire work for one of her books. My recommendation was that she just not do it because I couldn't make a single satisfying ring. By satisfying, I mean a ring that is comfortable, holds up well, and looks good. I could not work out a single unflawed ring design using chainmaille alone. It isn't easy, so it isn't common, which means most people have never even seen a chainmalle ring at all, much less a great one.

European 4-in-1

By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 3357 Views No comments

Double Spiral 4-in-1

By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 4176 Views No comments

Graduated Double Spiral Earrings

By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 5395 Views No comments

If you know how to make Double Spiral Chain, these earrings are easy to put together. Simply order the rings according to inside diameter from largest to smallest. Beginning with the largest and using two rings of each size, weave Double Spiral Chain. The smallest ring pair isn't part of the spiral pattern and is used only to connect the last set of spiraled links to the earwire.

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