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Vortex Medallion, Tutorial

By Gary Bryan February 26, 2015 96480 Views 8 comments

Vortex Medallion is the name of our version of this beautiful and much loved design by Norwegian mailler, Kenth Kutschera.

Use the arrows to navigate the step-by-step tutorial, then watch the video to see how the tricky part is done. Click the link to see the kits. Happy weaving. :)

The Perfect Ring

By Aislyn Bryan September 9, 2014 235353 Views No comments
What Makes This Ring So Perfect?

First, it's a ring. Years ago, a well known wire work author asked me to recommend weaves and ring sizes for her to make a series of finger rings to embellish with wire work for one of her books. My recommendation was that she just not do it because I couldn't make a single satisfying ring. By satisfying, I mean a ring that is comfortable, holds up well, and looks good. I could not work out a single unflawed ring design using chainmaille alone. It isn't easy, so it isn't common, which means most people have never even seen a chainmalle ring at all, much less a great one.

Beautiful Diamond Flowers

By Aislyn Bryan May 4, 2010 3206 Views No comments

These are 3 ring flowers, made with diamond rings, In addition to the sizes shown in the photos, 14g/8.5mm diamond rings make gorgeous flowers. That's the same ring size we recommend for the diamond Half Persian 4-in-1 so you might already have them. You can make 12 flowers with 1 ozt.


By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 2978 Views No comments

Roundmaille, Diamond

By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 2644 Views No comments

Discere, Creare, Florere

By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 2450 Views No comments

Our beginning kits are designed to teach not only chain weaves but the technical skills required to execute those weaves at the highest level of quality. The finished products are intended to serve as examples of those chains at their very best so great care and attention to detail goes into the ring choices for each kit. The projects used to teach these skills are quite intentionally unadorned in order to keep the focus purely on the experience of learning the weave and to avoid cluttering...

Spontaneous Design

By Aislyn Bryan March 23, 2003 4136 Views No comments

These techniques are not difficult but they do require a bit of focused attention to grasp the concept and then willingness to wing it somewhat in working up your design, playing with assorted rings and seeing what looks good. This isn't a step by step sort of thing and there aren't even recommended ring sizes. That might be more freedom than a person wants early on but wonderful when your focus is on developing design skills.

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