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May 2018

Our Summer Schedule

By Aislyn Bryan May 21, 2018 649 Views No comments

Here in the mountains, it's not quite summer yet but we're working on it. The aspens are leafing out in their lovely, lettucey shade of spring green and at least a bazillion chipmunks are in a perpetual state of joyful scurry in the forest around our house. At this altitude, flowers generally wait until June to make an appearance, but we know spring has arrived when we see a chipmunk.

This year, we're taking off the first week of June, the first week of July, and all of August... for merrymaking and whatnot. It's the best summer schedule ever, in our lazy, summer-loving opinions, but it does entail a little extra planning on your part, so here are the calendars showing our plans for every single summer day. For each and every day, you can glance at the schedule and instantly know 1) whether the website will be available for ordering, and 2) whether Gary and I will be at work in the shop, and make your plans accordingly. We're hoping this will make our time off somewhat less inconvenient.

Happy Summer!

-- Aislyn

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