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August 2017

September's the Beginning

By Aislyn Bryan August 31, 2017 1258 Views No comments

It would be difficult to overstate how great it is to have a whole month off in the summertime. It feels like sooo much time, stretching away into the future, just the way summer always felt on the last day of school as a kid. Gary and I lazed around, cooking and eating, watching movies, taking naps (some of them on lounge chairs outside), surrounded by our many critter babies, until even the dogs had had enough.

Then we started cleaning. We rearranged furniture, put up new curtains, beat the rugs, washed the decks, and slowly cleaned away all the clutter that accumulates during the eleven months of the year when we're too busy to notice. Once that was done, we did it all again downstairs in the office and the shop. It's such a nice feeling when everything's clean and shiny, oiled, upgraded, well rested and ready to bust out.

So go place your order... we've got new equipment to break in. :)

-- Aislyn

P.S. Believe it or not, this month is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It's time to get busy making what you plan to sell and thinking about what you plan to give. I usually get too busy, wait too long and then have to rush... but not this year, because I'm starting right now.

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