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December 2011

The Notebook Project

By Aislyn Bryan December 6, 2011 7153 Views No comments

We've always dreamed of a way to keep our instructions all together, something efficient to store and use, something strong and virtually impervious to damage but without sacrificing beauty or making them costly. It's taken this long but we've finally found a way to do all of that at once. It's so simple I can't believe we never thought of it before but we're thrilled to have it now. We call it....

Where are the Lindstroms?

By Aislyn Bryan December 6, 2011 9083 Views No comments

We began seeing certain quality control issues with certain models of the Lindstroms we carried after Lindstrom moved manufacturing to another facility in another country. I'm sure they'll work out their problems and be fabulous again but since we can't just do without pliers in the meantime, I decided to look around and see what had come along since the last time I did any serious tool shopping... and that's when I fell in love with Tronex.

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