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A Little the Worse for Wear, But We're Back....

A Little the Worse for Wear, But We're Back....
By Aislyn Bryan March 26, 2018 855 Views No comments

Gary's parents are together again. That's the one good thing that goes with saying goodbye to his mom, so we're clinging to it. My eyes well up every time I look at this photo, which hangs in our living room, but I know they're happy now, and knowing that helps.

Two weeks after her surgery, Fiona is doing great. She has the strongest will of anyone I've ever known. She couldn't walk and she weighs almost 150 pounds, so we had to load her on a stretcher and carry her down the stairs and out to the truck, all while she was doing her best to get off the stretcher. It was, uh... challenging. All three of us are pretty well recovered from the ordeal now, though. Fiona's got her bandages off now and is just wearing socks. She can walk with a lift harness and she's getting stronger every day.

Thanks so much for all the good wishes, kindness and patience with the delays. It means more than there are words to describe in times like these.

-- Aislyn

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