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Closed for August

By Aislyn Bryan July 12, 2016 2883 Views No comments

Hey, everybody. I can't even tell you how much we appreciate all the good wishes and kind thoughts shared with us since I posted last. ~hugs all around~ We're having such a different kind of summer this year that we've decided to close for the entire month of August to catch up, reorganize and rest. The website usually remains functional while we're closed, but this time we're closing the website to give our IT people a chance to do site upgrades.

For the entire month of August, our website will be shut down with just a little closed sign on the door, not accepting orders. We'll ship all the orders that come in by midnight, July 31st, during the first week of August, then we'll break down our equipment for cleaning and maintenance, so there will be no ring making from that time until we re-open the first week of September.

Freshly organized and without the usual backlog of orders to catch up when we return, our shipping schedule will be nice and speedy from the jump, so that'll be a good time to order. Everything you need before September, though, needs to be ordered this month (July) so we can get it to you before we close. Stock items can be ordered until the very end of the month but the deadline for ordering make to order (MTO) rings is Monday, July 18th. (MTO rings include all exotic metals and all wire shapes other than round.) And that deadline's just a week away as I write this, so think fast... and have a beautiful summer.

-- Aislyn

To EveryThing There is a Season...

By Aislyn Bryan March 18, 2016 4687 Views No comments

This is my favorite photo of Gary's parents, taken in '95. They're wonderful people, great parents and surely the best in-laws anyone's ever had. Gary's dad passed away this month and left such a big hole in our lives that none of us are quite sure how to carry on without him... least of all, his wife of 60 years. Gary's spending a lot of time with his mom right now, comforting and helping her find a way forward into the next phase of her life.

For now and throughout the summer, Gary and I will be keeping a shorter than normal work week, so our order turn around time will often be a day or two longer than usual. It's easy to keep up with email no matter where we are, though, so if you'll let us know when you have a deadline to meet, we'll do our best to get our rings in your hands by the time you need them.

Spring is coming....

-- Aislyn and Gary

Christmas 2015

By Aislyn Bryan December 8, 2015 3624 Views No comments

Update, December 23rd -- We've shipped all the pre-deadline orders, and everything we possibly could that came in later. I'm about to turn off the lights and go wrap some presents, but first I want to take a minute to thank you for another wonderful year. We just love you all so much! ~hugs all around~ We'll be back the first week of January and look forward to seeing you then.

Best wishes for every joy of the season to you and yours, from us and ours.

-- Aislyn and Gary

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

It's that magical time of year once again, that time when you don't hear a peep out of us because we're so busy filling orders. :D Actually there is always at least one peep and it's this one, when we post the last day for ordering items to ship before Christmas.

For MTOs -- that's make to order rings, including all shapes other than round and all the more exotic metals -- that date is this Friday, the 11th.

For everything else, the last day to order for pre-Christmas shipping will be the following Friday, the 18th.

Keep it merry and bright, everybody!

-- Aislyn and Gary

Precious Metals, Practical Pricing

By Aislyn Bryan August 20, 2015 4945 Views No comments

Since almost all of our rings are made of precious metals, the prices we pay for materials fluctuate with the metals markets. In the years we've been in business, we've tried out every conceivable method for accurately syncing the price we're paying for materials to the price you're paying for our rings. The reason it's tricky is because...

Shop by Weave: Ever So Dreamy <3

By Aislyn Bryan August 1, 2015 4809 Views No comments

In 12 years of business, and 6 incarnations of our website, this -- the brand new Shop by Weave -- is finally, finally, the shopping experience we've always wanted to offer. It's not easy to present a lot of options while keeping the page simple and intuitive but that's finally what we have. I hope you love it as much as we do.

Shop by Weave is for buying rings by the weave inch. Choose the weave you like, the size and the metal, and enter the number of inches you want to make, all on one page. The cart will show you the perfect ring size(s) and tell you how many per inch you'll need and you can add them to your cart with a keystroke. Rings for medallions are available the same way, but per medallion rather than per weave inch. The price for rings purchased through Shop by Weave is now exactly the same as for rings purchased by-the-ring so that you're truly free to use whichever method best suits you in the moment.

UM kits like the Graduated European 4-in-1 Collar and the Perfect Rings are available in their own section now and there's another section for Designer Ringsets. (You'll find all these sections in the main menu on the left side of our home page.)

Let us know what you think. :)

-- Aislyn and Gary

Third Week of July 2015

By Aislyn Bryan July 17, 2015 3298 Views No comments

Every order over $25 and placed by midnight Thursday night will include the gift of a pair of these beautiful 16g platinum sterling half rounds.

In addition, the largest order placed by midnight Thursday night will include the gift of this pair of cross drilled, faceted, blue mystic topaz trillions, perfect for a pair of earrings.

Second Week of July 2015

By Aislyn Bryan July 9, 2015 2921 Views No comments

Every order over $25 and placed by midnight Thursday night will include the gift of a pair of these delicious copper multistrands. The wire is 16g and there are three strands of it twisted together, so these are luxuriously weighty wee beasties.

In addition, the largest order placed by midnight Thursday night will include the gift of this pair of vertically drilled, faceted stones, dreamy blue green apatite, perfect for earrings.

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