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Graduated European 4-in-1 Collar Kit Sterling
Graduated European 4-in-1 Collar Kit Sterling
Graduated European 4-in-1 Collar Kit Sterling
Graduated European 4-in-1 Collar Kit Sterling
Graduated European 4-in-1 Collar Kit Sterling
Palladium Sterling
Platinum Sterling

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European 4-in-1 is a sheet weave and so lends itself naturally to making squares, rectangles, triangles and ribbons. Ribbon shapes make excellent bracelets, but not such nice necklaces unless the necklace is a choker, worn high on the throat. European 4-in-1 doesn't curve without bunching, so you generally don't see smooth collars made of it. It's a beautiful weave for a collar, though, so we've spent weeks working out a European 4-in-1 pattern that curves like a dream. It's beautiful on its own, but the possibilities for embellishment are endless. This kit contains ten ring sizes and weighs over 5 troy ounces. Though it's a substantial and ambitious project, it's really not difficult to put together as long as you're comfortable weaving European 4-in-1.

  • Length: up to 20"
  • Total Sterling Weight: 5.22ozt
  • Difficulty Level: Surprisingly Easy
  • Experience Required: European 4-in-1

What's in the Kit

  • One glossy color instruction booklet
  • One sterling 4 strand pinch clasp
  • 5.07 troy ounces of Sterling rings in different sizes
  • One twist tie and
  • A special little gift from us,
  • All packaged in beautiful reusable tins.


An instruction booklet is included with each project kit, but the instructions assume that you know the weave listed next to Experience Required. The included instructions do not teach that weave; they teach what you need to know in addition to the required experience in order to complete this kit.

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My most favorite kit yet! Easy to follow instuctions and it looks and feels silky! I made this one a perfect turtleneck length, the next one will be open-collar Polo length.

Mary A of Tennessee

    Chainmaille Choker

This is a lovely kit. It is easy to follow, although I certainly recommend completing the European 4-in-1 bracelet to set the pattern in your mind. The depth of the necklace is shorter than i had envisioned so i will add additional rows following the algorithm developed in the pattern. Thanks for the lovely necklace.

darcy of Texas, US

    I'm in love

Oh Aislyn, this is absolutely beautiful!!!! I'm not going to be able to sell this one for awhile.

Leanne of MA


i've just finished this collar, & it's an incredibly beautiful piece. can't wait to get started on my embellishments!

jessica of florida

    Stunning necklace!

This necklace was surprisingly easy to put together. I love the clasp too. I embellished the collar with Swarovski crystals and pearls for a friend's wedding. What a treat this was to make, and what beautiful results! Aislyn, you're the BEST!!

Diane of Arizona, USA

    Fabulous - elegant necklace

A great design - sits beautifully, so quick to make - looks wonderful. Great designing talent, Aislyn.

Marianne of Australia

    Unbelievably Beautiful

Hi Aislyn and Gary, Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the European 4-in-1 Collar Kit is. As always packaging and presentation is absolutely beautiful. I have finished mine and have added pearls from each link then graduated with amethyst beads to long drops in front. I use it as the main focal point on a stand when I do markets. Thanks once again. I will never look elsewhere to buy rings or kits for chainmaille projects. Thank you.

Nicole of Australia

    European 4 in 1 Collar

I was so excited when I was asked to make something in Chainmaille, using Sterling Silver, by my best girlfriend's fiance. He wanted something very special to give to her for Valentine's Day. I knew immediately what it would be! This collar was a breeze to make. The end result was a choker that laid flat, curving perfectly at the nape of the neck. Simply elegant, both for the wearer and the admirer. Kudo's to you Aislyn, for putting your math skills to such good use! Everyone was happy! :)

denise of Marietta, GA

    ideas galore!

This kit is amazing. The design possibilities are endless. The base chain itself makes a darling, dainty, chain or earring dangle, and a small alteration can make that base chain identical on both sides. The second phase" chain is another astounding piece: it provides a less costly item to a customer

Terry of Hawaii


I received this kit and had it worked up in a couple of days. The instructions were very clear and the necklace turned out stunning. Absolutely loved the kit!! The best part about this kit are the endless possibilities for embellishment and variations in design. This one I will make again and again.

Jennifer Carlson of Elk River, MN United States

    Just So Elegant

I made mine the longest I could ... it's right at 19-1/2 inches. It still drapes beautifully. I'm finally finding time to embellish my necklace with black, clear and red crystals. I get tons of compliments. Thanks Aislyn ... you're a star for designing this necklace.

Betty of San Antonio, TX United States

    4-1 Collar kit

This beautiful collar took about 13 hours to construct. As it was a secret gift I could not do a length measurement and I inadvertently made it a bit too long, but that was soon rectified after I presented it to Val. She was well impressed as was I, and it is going out on it's first family "Do" tomorrow, where I am sure it will be the star of the evening! (I bet there will be repeat orders) I now need to make a neck shaped display stand for it, and then a nice ornate box for it to live in. I want to do a Dragonscale bracelet next, so some of your rings will be heading my way soon.

Roger Crier of Birmingham, United Kingdom


I've had issues with the Euro 4-1, but this weaves like a dream... I'm going to turn this collar into my bellydance art piece and display it at the first bellydance festival I vend at. ☺

Hui Ling Lai of Orange, CA United States


An eye catcher for sure. Going on display at The Bird In Hand in Holliston, MS tomorrow. Hope I will be ordering more soon. Very easy to create. Although time consuming.

Ashley McDermott -after Eden designs of Franklin, MA United States


This is a stunning necklace. Everyone who's seen it wants one. The instructions were clear as always... another wonderful kit.

susan of Memphis, TN United States

Jill LaPierre commented on 24-Apr-2013 01:35 PM5 out of 5 stars
Whatever else is on my display table, this is the piece everyone gravitates toward. "Oh My, It's so Gorgeous"! They cannot keep their hands off it. (I have to watch them VERY carefully (LOL)!
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sadface :( Love!

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