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3-in-3 Chain Weave Kit Sterling
3-in-3 Chain Weave Kit Sterling
3-in-3 Chain Weave Kit Sterling
3-in-3 Chain Weave Kit Sterling
3-in-3 Chain Weave Kit Sterling
3-in-3 Chain Weave Kit Sterling
Palladium Sterling
Platinum Sterling
Silver Filled

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We've been asked why we have a kit for such an obvious pattern, and there are two reasons. First, it's a beautiful pattern, especially in this weight (the rings are 16 gauge), and it's often overlooked because of its simplicity. Sometimes, though, simple is exactly what you need. The second reason for this kit is that the way the rings lie smoothly alongside each other forces a person to learn to close the rings beautifully. Imperfect joins really show in this weave and the fit is a little snug, so it's excellent training for a new chainmaker.

This kit includes instructions in the Notebook Project format. You'll also need the Apprentice Guide, which is available as a free download or you can order it in the Notebook Project format.

  • Bracelet Length: up to 9.5"
  • Total Sterling Weight: 1.39ozt
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Experience Required: None

What's in the Kit

  • Instructions in the Notebook Project format
  • One Sterling Medium Infinity Clasp
  • 1.35 troy ounces of 16g Sterling rings
  • One ring tool
  • One twist tie and
  • A special little gift from us,
  • All packaged in beautiful reusable tins.


This is a good bracelet for a man, even one that doesn't normally wear jewelry, because the pattern is so masculine and the chain is nice and heavy. Conversely, when worn by a woman, those same design elements make her wrist look impossibly delicate by contrast.

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    Not as good as the Byzantine chain

I decided to work through the 3 beginning kits, (this being the 2nd), and I found this one difficult. The main reasons being that the rings are heavier than the others and so harder to move. I also got bored with pattern. I've started, but not finished. In the meantime, I've completed both of the beginners kits, and now 1 intermediate and 1 apprentice kit. When my hands are stronger, I may try again.

Michelle of UK

    Easy and fun

This kit is very easy to make, and all the directions are clear and concise. The finished bracelet is beautiful.

Trysch of Florida, USA

    3 N 3 - Good to Me

Started this one and having no problems. Just trying to decide which step I like best. Although putting three rings on at once does expedite the making of the chain, I think it's easier putting the rings on individually. It's such a strong looking chain. Think I'll give it to Hubby. Can't wait to get to the third kit and order some more rings!! Thanks again!!

Victoria of Georgia

    Easy to do

This bracelet was very easy to make and I didn't think the rings were hard to close at all. In fact, I have never seen jump rings close as seamlessly as these. It almost seems too simple for a pattern but the instructions were nice. I made this for my husband and he loves the weight and thickness of the bracelet.

Erica of CA


Had no problems working this chain, I agree that it can tire out your hands but if you go slow and steady your hands will not get tired. It is very masculine looking but it looks awesome on my wrist. I've completed both this and the flower chain bracelet. Can't wait to start the 3rd bracelet.

Noreen of New York


This is the easiest thing I've done. It is great. After I made it everyone I work with wants one.

La'Ticia of FL

    so beautiful and fun

This is so gorgeous! I was having trouble closing the rings. I realized I was focusing on the finished product instead of each ring. This is very theraputic and you end up with something so lovely. I am very pleased with the tools, instructions and packaging. I feel like I got a gift!

Nancy of Louisiana


When I saw the photo of this bracelet on the website, I knew I had to make it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The rings are so much more beautiful than I could have imagined. I want to get a million of these rings and pile them on my floor and just roll around in them. They are THAT shiny!

Julie of CO

    Substantial And Simple To Do

This weave was very simple to do and relatively quick to complete. I have gotten a lot of compliments on the substantial appearance of the bracelet and the classic design goes with any outfit too. This weave can get a little snug to weave at times, but a little patience is very well rewarded in the end. I highly recommend this pattern!

Sarah of Ontario, Canada

    theres a nack to this one

As always great instructions and supplies. This is an easy weave to learn yes but you realy do have to remember to close those rings very flush for a good look in the end. I got the three beginner weaves as a set and in hind site maybe should have done the flower before this one so I was used to working with the rings.

Yvonne of Australia


beautiful and so heavy. I just loved this piece. It was simple and easy to make- i finished in my graduate class. You have to be careful to really close your rings properly for it to look right. Another great experience.

Dawn Crandall of eaton, OH United States

    3 in 3 Chain Bracelet Kit

This is wonderful! I made the 3 in 3 first in one day. It is weighty and so lovely I did not take it off for days. It feels so good on..I made the flower next and wore them both together for days. I used argentium and it is beautiful! Thanks so much for such a wonderful product!!! My next try is gold filled for my grand daughter who does not wear silver.

Millie Fosnar of Southport, NC United States

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