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What is MTO? What is Stock?

What is MTO?

MTO stands for Make To Order, and it literally means that we do not make the item until an order is placed for it.

Urban Maille is a factory, not a warehouse, and orders for stock, MTO and custom items are produced in the order that they are received. Stock items get the highest priority, then MTO items. Times for custom items are quoted on an individual basis.

Items marked MTO can take up to 10 business days to ship (as opposed to our normal 1-4 business days) and in many cases cannot be returned, even with the seal intact. For this reason, we recommend ordering the smallest amount available the first time to make sure the size, shape or metal is right for your intended purpose.

There are several reasons that rings are listed by MTO. The primary reason is that it is a low volume item, so we don't produce it ahead of time. We now have over 30,000 ring sizes, shapes and metal combinations and it's not feasible to keep them all in stock.  That is also why the MTOs are not refundable or exchangable - if we take the item back, we cannot return it to stock because there may be no definable market for that size.

The second main reason is that the rings may not be a stable size for chainmaille. In general, rings with an Aspect Ratio larger than 8.0 tend to be unstable for chainmaille unless they are soldered or fused. When the aspect ratio gets too large, there may not be enough tension in the metal relative to its curvature for the rings to reliably stay closed on their own in a chainmaille application, but the rings may be perfectly suitable for elements or designs other than chainmaille.

The bottom line is that we trust that you know what you are ordering and why you are ordering it. We have countless resources and recommendations on our website and we are here to answer any questions you have about your order before finalizing your purchase.

It may be possible to cancel an MTO item before it goes into production, but once materials have been purchased or production of the item has begun, you will be responsible for costs related to the production of the item. If you need to cancel or return an MTO item, we will work with you to recover as much of the materials cost as possible, but in most cases the amount will be based on the scrap value of the material.

Please see our Return Policy for more details.

What is Stock?

Stock items are products that we make ahead of time and have on hand for our normal, expected sales volume.

Most stock items ship in 1 to 4 business days. Very large orders may take additional processing time and we will contact you if we foresee significant delays. If there are adverse weather conditions or other factors that concern order processing time in general, this information will be posted in our News feed.

Items marked as Stock are fully refundable and exchangeable under the following conditions: For items that are sealed, the seal must be unbroken and the item unopened in order to receive the full value of the item. For items that are not sealed - like tools and clasps -  the standard return policy is 30 days.

Once ring containers have been opened, we can't guarantee the pristine condition of the rings to another customer, therefore we scrap the rings and can only offer the scrap value in return.

Please see our Return Policy for more details.

What is Limited?

Items may be marked as Limited for several reasons. They may be discontinued items which will not be restocked once they are sold out. They may be one of a kind or sample items which may or may not be restocked once the item has sold out. Or, they may just be a low volume or seasonal item which we get from an from a source other than our regular suppliers and so we're not sure of the availability of the item.

Also, we may list overruns from custom orders or items that were manufactured by mistake. We often list extra 18k Gold Rings and overruns from custom orders that are odd sizes - often this is a great place to find elements for embellishments and other design ideas.

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