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Can I buy the kits in copper, bronze, etc?

We would love to make all our kits available in all our metals, just as they are in sterling, but the range of clasps and components we require to do that simply isn't available in anything but traditional sterling.. The selection of clasps and components available in Argentium is quite limited but sterling clasps can be used with all the sterling alloys and in any mixed metal piece. For anything non-silver it's more challenging so it might be quite some time before we're able to offer complete matching kits. For many weaves, though, we offer ringpacks -- ringpacks contain enough rings to make 10 inches of a given chain and do not include clasps or any other components -- as the logical alternative. Use the Shop by Weave link on our main menu to find ringpacks.

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Thank you so much, I misplaced my copy of the invoice. It is so nice to be able to see my order history and be able to reprint the invoices. I love working with your rings and your website lessens my stress by allowing me to track my history without shuffling through paper invoices. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you at Urban Maille.


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